You Make The Mess….We Clean It Up!

Easy, Convenient and Affordable….Customers Are LOVING It!
Elevated Large Tubs – No more sore back from bending over
Ramps For Easy Access – Great for Senior & Large Breed Dogs
Shampoo, Towels, Blow Dryers, Brushes all included
First-come, First-serve, No appointment necessary.
Tubs open during regular business hours (last wash starts 30 minutes before closing)


Dogs Under 20# – $12.99
Dog 21-50# – $15.99
Dogs 51-100# – $18.99
Dogs 101# and up – $21.99


Dog Wash Rules

  • All dogs must be tethered with tub restraints to prevent them from jumping out.
  • Dogs must be on leash at all times while in store and wash area.
  • Please take care of all equipment as if it was your own.
  • Do not let hair go down the drain, remove hair from trap and place in wastebasket.
  • Please use dryers only while pet is in the tub.
  • Leave all tools and shampoo in the tub when you are finished. We will clean up after you.
  • Put wet towels in the hamper.
  • Do not leave pet unattended for any reason.
  • Absolutely NO DOGS WITH FLEAS – In the unfortunate circumstance you find a flea, please notify us immediately to get a flea shampoo and so we can clean properly.
  • NO SKUNKED DOGS – We have a great product you can use at home to take care of the smell.
  • Keep your dog under control. Aggressive/disruptive dogs will be asked to leave. You are liable for your dog's actions.
  • Please be aware that someone may be waiting to use tubs after you. Limit sessions to 30 minutes or less.
  • All dogs must be current on their vaccinations.
  • Items damaged by your pet will be purchased by the pet owner.
  • Children under 16 must be supervised at all times.
  • If your dog does not do well with other dogs, please call us to schedule an appointment during a quiet time to assure a good environment for your dog.

Dog Laundry

You take away a spotless dog, and our staff tend to the mess and laundry.

Dog Wash & Grooming

No scheduled time needed. The last bath is 30-minutes prior to closing time. We are open today until 6:00 PM.

Self-Service Dog Wash

Our self-service dog wash permits you to stand in comfort at the dog washing station, and we provide all the things needed to give your dog a professional wash.

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